The Porsche 962 was designed with a specific purpose in mind. In fact it was designed for the International Motor Sports Association GTP racing replacing the 956 which had such a successful run on the race track.

John Bishop was the founder of the International Motor Sports Association and he was the one that put the breaks initially not allowing the 956 onto the track

Bishop had many safety concerns about how the pedals were mounted in the front axle and so to ensure the 956 complied with the regulations Porsche stretched the pedal box and added a roll cage.

Then the 962 came along making it’s debuted in 1984 on the Daytona 24 Hours Race. It was driven by Mario and Michael Andretti. But because of all the gearbox and engine problems it was quickly retired.

There were five 962 models built during the 1984 season and they all had the 2.8 liter water cooled engine. But part way through the year the 3.2 liter engine was introduced.

1985 saw the 962C introduced and it was entered in the World Endurance Championship with the 3000 cc water cooled 750 hp engine. This engine was built to last only 26 hours – 24 hours for racing and 2 hours for testing.

This model had great acceleration and road handling as well as braking. Part of this impressiveness can be attributed to the light body weight and the aerodynamics. During the 1985 Le Mans race it was the quickest vehicle on the track.

For more than 10 years the Porsche 962 dominated the race tracks but over time the 962 began to show it’s age against some of the newer Jaguars and Mercedes that were showing up on the World Championship circuit. But it was still holding its own on the Le Mans track.

This was a car with a mid mount engine with a 2994 cc displacement, 780 BHP @ 8200 RPM, and 525 lbs of torque @ 5000 RPM and it had 260 hp.

Porsche has spent most of its time in existence on the race track. In fact that’s where its beginnings are and that’s where it’s endings will most likely be too. And the full line of street cars is also very important to Porsche’s well being.

If you are the next Andretti, then the 962 might be just the right choice for you if your budget is up to the challenge. If you are looking for a street car that is both functional and fun then one of the many other Porsche models would be a much better choice.

Before you do anything do your research. Learn the differences between the different models. Some of these differences are very subtle. Do some online price checking and discover where you can get the best buys. Remember the price of Porches varies a great deal around the countryside.

So whether you are in the market for the Porsche 962 or one of the many other choices don’t you think it is time to go online shopping?