Porsche 997

When Porsche first came out with the water-cooled 911 – the Porsche 996 – the world was amazed with the capabilities of the modern Porsche 911. Unfortunately they weren’t in love with the looks including the controversial headlights (they weren’t oval like past 911s).

The Porsche 997 was Born

When Porsche updated the 911 with the successor in 2005 – called the Porsche 997 – the Porsche world fell back in love. The car not only carried and further along the capabilities of a modern Porsche 911, but with the Porsche 997 it harked back to the legacy of the Porsche 911, that was skipped by the predecessor Porsche 996. With the Porsche 997, the ‘Coke’ like body came back, with wider hips in the rear. Up front, it was traditional oval headlights and inside, you have a traditional and classic looking interior. Plus you had upgraded performance in both the engines and the suspension.

Now looking back, with the Porsche 997 clearly seen today as a used brought Porsche, we can hopefully say that the Porsche 997 is going to be considered a true heir and future classic of the brand. While the the Porsche 997 was produced in high volume, there are also limited run models that will be highly sought after including the 997 GTS models, the limited run 997 Speedster, and the Porsche 997 GTS.

If you are looking for a used Porsche, and can’t afford the sky-rocketing prices of the air-cooled Porsche 911s, then the Porsche 997 is your best bet. Modern yet classic, these cars are hard to beat especially with the prices on the used car market. And if you buy one today, and hold on to it – you may just have a future classic on your hands.

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