550 RS Spyder, Porsche Spyder
Recent years with the debut of the Porsche Boxster the Porsche Spider has once again come front and center for attention. The 550 RS Spyder was an amazing car perhaps the reason James Dean chose it.

This is a car that has become a legend around the world and there is plenty of folk lore attached to it. It all began with the American auto importer named Johnny Von Neuman. He was really behind the success of the Spider and in fact he was the man who put together James Dean‘s purchase of the “Little Bastard,” for a whopping $25,000.

The Spyder also was extremely successful on the race track which is one of the reasons it has been so popular on a commercial level. With just a 100 horsepower here is a car that has been a winner all around. From the Le Mans from 1953 to 1955 and then in 1956 there 550 had a makeover which resulted in some improvements and it continued to place.

The 547 engine arrived with its twin cam, twin plugs, and dual distributors creating terror among the ranks in its own class and even in the larger displacements.

And if you can’t afford the real deal there is some great news because you can always choose a replica or kit car. Sure it might not be quite the same but for those of us on a budget it’s a great option.

And wait there’s more. If you’d love to provide the tots with their very own Porsche Spider miniature replica. What a blast!! The kids love it and you get a little bit of Porsche in your child’s world. These 1:2.3 scale cars are also great additions to a mini car collection.

If you are at all a Porschephile you know the importance of the Porsche 550 Spyder which was seldom beat in its class and more often than not finished ahead of the pack. In fact it took little time for this Porsche to earn the title “the giant killer.”

Today Porsche carries on the long standing motor sport traditions. It started back in 1953 and in 1997 a Spyder was still taking the win at the track, the Le Mans 24 Hour race to be precise.

The new RS Spyder has competed at the Estoril circuit in Portugal and the results were impressive with the new 3.4 L V8 engine performing very well. In fact there are high expectations in the air for this new model. It’s definitely going to give the other cars a run for their money and that’s nice to see. After all Porsche really is a core part of racing and has been for years.

So whether you are looking to buy the newest version of the Porsche Spyder, looking for one of the vintage Spider’s, or you’ve decided to invest in a replica there is definitely an option for you out there. So no matter what size your budget you can be a Porsche Spider owner.