2005 Porsche Boxster S

It’s new, it’s hot, it’s sexy, and it’s worth every dime on the price tag. The Porsche Boxster S fondly referred to as the Porsche Boxer is almost completely new right from the ground up with only 20% of the parts carried from the last model.

Porsche is a car where it is evidence that evolution has occurred. This isn’t a car that that reacted to demands for change. Instead Porsche was a manufacturer that strived for perfection through evolution. And the new Boxster is definitely evidence of just that.

The differences between the new Boxster and old Boxster is immediately apparent. There are new doors, larger air scoops, ovoid headlamps, bigger sills, bigger air intakes, and tail lamp redesigns. The body has a new look and feel about it.

And of course the inside is completely new too right from the steering wheel to the dials on the dash. The seats are newly designed and the faux leather is impressive. There’s nothing left inside from the previous Boxster at all. The new ergonomics are also very impressive with a real comfy feel and lots of room. The steering is easy to adjusted to your height whether you are tall or short and the seat wraps to your body and the glass allows for excellent visibility.

There are two engine versions available in the Boxster. You can choose from the 2.7 liter 240 bhp or the 3.2 liter 280 bhp Boxster S. Two new engine versions but you get to keep the outstanding cornering that you are already familiar with. There’s virtually no body roll as this baby sticks to the road outperforming almost any other car in its category.

The new heavier braking system means there is more stable stopping especially at high speeds and a new steering system provides a much better response system making it much more responsive and nimbler than any previous versions.

The active suspension management combined with the electronic damper system results in improved body control at just the touch of a button. There is also the option of the sports chronograph package which gives you a lap timer and a sport button that provides you with better throttle response.

The 280 bhp Boxster S will give you 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds. You’ve got to admit that’s pretty impressive. There’s a lot of punch in this car. Although by today’s standards this might not be the top of the performance train it is adequate and what makes the Porsche Boxer so impressive is the way it handles and the satisfaction derived from driving this car.

The Boxster has long been a part of the Porsche lines and no matter whether one is talking about previous models or the newest model what you can be sure of is the quality that goes with the Porsche line. You know that you can count on Porsche to provide you with a car that’s not only fun to drive, but reliable. And the Porsche Boxer is no different!