The Porsche 924 replaced the 914 and it was the car that would eventually result in the retirement of the 912. This sports coupe produced by Porsche AG had a nice long run from 1976 to 1988.

It was a two door with two seats in the front and two in the back. It was the first water cooled engine ever used by Porsche and the engine was front mount rather than there traditional mid mount. It had had a very similar configuration to the previous 928 model.

Rear wheel drive and front mount engines were common among other manufacturers but not with Porsche who either used mid or rear mounts. However the front mount on the 924 was a big success taking Porsche from the verge of bankruptcy.

The 924 was actually meant to be part of the VW sports coupe line. Volkswagen had commissioned Porsche to design a fresh car and transmission to work with the Audi I4 engine. But Volkswagen changed their mind and dumped the project and since Porsche needed a replacement for the 914 they bought the design back from VW.

It didn’t take long for the executives at Porsche to realize there was a need for a high performance version of the 924. After all they had already experienced the success of turbo on many of their other models.

The turbo charged engine brought the performance of the 924 very close to that of the 911 but the light weight carb also brought more reliability to the car. The biggest problem the turbo 924 faced was the short life of the turbo because of the heat generated. In 1981 the turbo system was revised which solved the problem.

The 924 had a very successful history on the street both in the turbo and non turbo models so Porsche decided that it was time to put a modified 924 on the race track.

They added an intercooler, drastically reduced the weight of the car, fine tuned a few areas, and called it the 924 Carrera. Then off to the 24 Hours of Le Mans it went.

In 1982 the production of the 924 turbo came to an end and by 1986 the sales on the Porsche 924 were almost non existent as the 944 replaced it.

But the 924 wasn’t entirely dead because 1986 also saw the introduction of the 924S which had the 2.5 liter engine from the 944. It was slightly faster than the old 924 and it had a lighter curb weight and a better gear ratio. In 1988 the 924S came to halt with only a 4 year run.

Porsche is a manufacturer that stays on top of the demands of not only the consumer but also the race track. After all they are an important player on the track. So whether you decide a vintage Porsche 924 is for you or one of the other models is your pick, when you buy Porsche you buy quality, fun, and power combined with an image.