The Porsche 964 was the first real production 911 offered with the four wheel drive option. It’s really not new technology with the transmission dating back to 1982 when Porsche introduced the 4 wheel drive rally raid cars.

It was in 1989 that the 964 Carrera first offered the 4 wheel drive option. Under normal driving conditions it really is quite difficult to notice much difference between the C2 and C4. In the tight corners the C4 tends to torque up a bit more because of the power being sent to the front axle. Unless you are a really experienced Carrera driver chances are you won’t be able to actually tell the difference under basic driving.

Now if you push it a bit things get a little more interesting. You’ll find the C2 is more agile and sensitive in the steering and it turns much sharper. The C4 is less sensitive because it has the heavier front end. The higher the speed the more understeer you’ll notice with the C4.

With the C4 you’ll feel the push when cornering but it doesn’t get worse at higher speeds and in fact it feels rather secure because it is very easy to handle at the higher speeds. That means for a less experienced driver there is an added sense of security.

When the roads get wet the tables turn and the C4 suddenly becomes far superior as long as you learn how to handle the C4 and to have a little patience. When you turn into a corner on wet roads with the C4 you find a much more stable cornering than with the C2. It’s much easier to drive and it handles superior to the C2 on wet roads.

So depending on what your driving needs and styles are will depend which is best for you. If you are looking for a little light competition or some time on the track consider the C2. Then again if you are going to be spending a great deal of time on wet roads or driving in the winter the C4 will be much more secure for those conditions.

The C4 does cost more to service and maintain than the C2 but then again what 4 wheel drive system doesn’t and if it provides you with the stability and confidence that you want than it’s worth every extra dime. And the cost isn’t that much more.

The C4 transmission has a great reputation for being reliable and strong and the brake system on both the C2 and C4 is the same and requires the same maintenance. The C4 has few troubles except for the occasional sensor or hydraulic system problem.

Choosing between the Porsche C2 and the Porsche C4 is a very personal decision that is based very much on your personal wants and the type of driving conditions you expect to throw at your car. Both offer reliable safe transportation from a manufacturer you can trust to provide a quality automobile.